Tim Bray Productions

Come and enjoy these humorous, energetic and larger-than-life shows.

Tim Bray Productions presents theatre shows that are enjoyable, original, entertaining and have quality production values.

The shows are put together by a creative team of producers, writers, directors, actors, designers, lighting and sound technicians, musicians and composers, publicists, set, prop and costume makers, and our wonderful volunteers and helpers.

Our shows are also wonderfully supported by our ever-growing fan base.

The productions are also very kindly supported by our fantastic sponsors, funding bodies, theatre venue staff and volunteers. We could not do these shows without you, thank you!

The theatre company’s Artistic Director is Tim Bray, an Auckland actor/playwright/producer who has been creating his own style of theatre productions in New Zealand for more than 18 years.

Tim was the founder of The Central Theatre, which produced such classic and diverse shows such as ‘The Nice Show’, ‘Mothers and Fathers’, a musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ at The Herald Theatre, and the funny and fabulous ‘Ponsonby Road’.

He has written and performed three solo shows, ‘Me and My Vice’, which toured to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1998, ‘The Last Laugh’ and ‘Foibles’. He co-wrote and starred in the comedy play, ‘Ponsonby Road’. He also has a passion for creating theatre for children and has written 14 plays for children (three original and ten adaptations) and co-written four children’s plays creating his own style of theatre productions in New Zealand for more than 17 years.